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RaceTV for Telekom

Most runners want to document their achievements. After an event run, they can spend hours looking for a picture or video of themselves on the event website. Others run with an action cam or ask friends or family to take pictures along the route.  

For Vivicittá, the biggest runner’s event in Budapest, sponsor Telekom decided to give the runners something of real value: a film of their own run.  

We identified each runner through their race tags which contained a unique RFID chip. On race day, we documented their run through four remote controlled slow-motion cameras that communicated through Telekom’s 4G network. We added footage taped by two drones and four field camera units.  

All the data was uploaded and processed in real-time by 204 cloud servers using 410 cores – then the scenes was edited, supers of time results added together with music and mood clips.  

As the runners crossed the finish line, they received a branded message from Telekom with the film of their personal run. 

This was a truly wonderful content, data and technology campaign that delivered engagement at scale, with personalisation at its heart. 

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