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KR Media, MEC France and Maxus France join forces to create KR Wavemaker

KR Media, MEC France and Maxus France join forces to create KR Wavemaker

Following the merger last year of the international networks MEC and Maxus to create the Media Content and Technology agency Wavemaker, it is the turn of the three agencies in France - MEC, Maxus and KR Media - to join the global network on July 2nd, 2018.

The new company will be called KR Wavemaker. Mathieu Morgensztern, WPP France CEO and GroupM France CEO and Tim Castree, Wavemaker’s Global CEO, have appointed Jean-Philippe Bertaux as CEO of KR Wavemaker. 

KR Wavemaker becomes a major player in the French market (#2, in the Top 3 agencies per RECMA) and will represent the best of both worlds for its clients: the excellence and the rigor of a dominant domestic agency coupled with the power of a dynamic international network.

Mathieu Morgensztern said, "I have every confidence in Jean-Philippe Bertaux, a great professional, who is close to our clients and our people to carry out KR Wavemaker’s development in France."

Tim Castree commented, “Launching KR Wavemaker in France is fantastic news for our network and our multi-national clients, plugging our gap in what is a vibrant and growing European economy. The agency is built on unbelievably strong and entrepreneurial talent, and in Jean-Philippe we have a phenomenal and inspiring leader. I’m delighted to be able to count on him as a key member of our global board and to bring the power of our network’s industry-leading tool stack and capabilities to bear for the benefit of all our clients.”

Jean-Philippe Bertaux, KR Wavemaker France CEO, said, "I am very proud to be able to manage this ambitious and innovative project. People will be at the heart of this group to offer all our clients the best of our local expertise with processes, tools and consumer knowledge of a powerful global network."