Apply to join WM The Splash - Wavemaker's new apprenticeship scheme

Apply to join WM The Splash - Wavemaker's new apprenticeship scheme

What is WM The Splash?

Wavemaker UK, the media, content and tech agency, has announced the launch of a progressive apprenticeship programme called The Splash.

Building on previous talent innovations including the ‘Live Hire’ initiative, The Splash is designed to encourage greater diversity in entry-level recruitment at Wavemaker, which aims to employ 12 apprentices from all backgrounds to each work in one of its specialisms of media, content, and technology.

The Splash is open to school leavers aged 18-plus, but Wavemaker is encouraging applications from people of all ages as part of its drive to tackle the problem of ageism in the media industry.

In addition to providing apprentices with specific professional and life skills, Wavemaker is also creating a studio space for The Splash, a place for apprentices to gather and work on live ideas and proactive briefs for clients. Members of The Splash, who will be known as Future Makers, rather than Apprentices, will work a four-day week at the agency, and will also receive regular presentation and mentoring sessions.

Who can apply to WM The Splash?

  • Anyone. The Splash...Wavemakers new Future Talent programme, is for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the media, content or tech industry.
  • Whether you're forty looking for a career change or just leaving school, get in touch.
  • We are not able to offer the apprentice scheme to anyone under the age of 18 from September 1st 2018 and we don’t offer visa sponsorship. Party poopers we know but rules are rules.

When does WM The Splash start?

WM The Splash is a 15/18 month scheme, 4 days a week, starts in September, with a permanent role up at Wavemaker up for grabs at the end of the apprenticeship

How can I apply to WM The Splash

If you would like to apply for WM The Splash, please visit our application page below or click here

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