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Why Wavemaker?

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We deliver next-generation media, content and technology solutions for our clients.

Our Business ™

WAVEMAKER Belgium is a full-service media agency that provides integrated marketing services across all media channels and communications disciplines.

We have a comprehensive in-house diversified service offering, providing our Clients with the capabilities and expertise required to be competitive in our complex and fast changing media landscape.

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This isn’t just theory.


The culture of WAVEMAKER will be distinct, and will be shaped by each and every one of us as we work to develop the personality of our brand. The way we behave, work together, communicate and show up to work will define the environment we call WAVEMAKER.

Included in this will be the values we will live up to – PACED –Passionate, Agile, Collaborative, Entrepreneurial, and Diverse, which collectively refer to the beliefs and behaviours we hope to reflect in the traits and habits of you, our people.

Uniquely, we are able to take this purchase journey insight and activate against it directly at a personal level, for the first time bridging the gap between precise insights and segmentations and activation. We can market to a target audience at scale, but also as individuals.

Our purchase journey intelligence allows us to precisely diagnose where the key growth opportunities and audiences are, giving clarity to where the focus of our clients’ marketing investment should be.

Our International teams make the future for 1000s of clients every day. 

Multi-market hubs
Purchase journeys

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How we work

Our purpose captures our obsession with purchase journeys. This understanding leads to better outcomes for our clients and more shared growth. Our product roadmap is principally concerned with enabling, deepening, and scaling this purchase journey obsession.

There are three essential strategic shifts we will make to differentiate WAVEMAKER and fuel our distinctiveness.

The pillars of our delivery are data, media, content, technology and most importantly our inspirational talent by mastering our core business we can invest in future-proof skills.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Marketing
  • Machine Learning
  • New Media Solutions

We START by finding the growth opportunity. Next we identify the right audiences. And then we execute with creativity and agility.

Wavemaker story

We are Wavemaker. In 2018 we were born as MEC and Maxus joined forces – to form a new agency. Not just a super-sized media shop (ours was the biggest-ever merger in media) but a new breed of global agency delivering world-class solutions for clients through media, content and technology. 

The launch was a chance for us to build an agency free from legacy structures and models; an agency with the right talent mix, set-up and speed to help clients find growth in a tough environment. We knew that our combined 20 years of global expertise in media strategy, planning and investment was hugely valuable to clients, but that by integrating it with new skills, we could do a bigger and better job for these clients. ​

​So, we built out from media into new areas. Not areas unconnected to our media expertise – but areas in which we would succeed precisely because of that expertise. ​

​The benefits for clients are clear. We can offer a more diverse range of solutions than ever before. By combining media with content and technology, these solutions are more sophisticated, more integrated, and more effective. 

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