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What Amazon thinks you’re worth

What Amazon thinks you’re worth

Shoppers were offered a $10 credit in exchange for handing over their browser data. Amazon invests.

Who would refuse a 10$ bill in exchange of a simple survey completion? No one. However individuals become more reluctant when  it concerns their online personal data.

After having experienced it in 2018 for 5$, this year, Amazon gives a 10$ credit to users if they download the Amazon assistant app.

The Amazon Assistant is a browser extension, shopping assistant and recommendation tool which basically offers visitors a better user experience and allows Amazon to analyze your searching and shopping patterns.

Even if Amazon and other big companies commit to respect Privacy Policy, most users wrongly think companies profit from their behavior by buying and selling data. However, Amazon and Facebook, for instance, are technically correct since they do not directly sell user information to third party and use it for better segmentation-targeting.

On top of that keep in mind that you do not really own your data since other companies like Google knows what you do. Data collection is simply a potent revenue-generating and customers needs’ fulfillment strategy.