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Twój Weekend: The Last Ever Issue

For 27 years, “Your Weekend” – one of Poland longest running and most read adult magazines, reduced women to sex objects. So when it was put up for sale, together with Gazeta.pl, VMLY&R, MasterCard and BNP Paribas, we bought it. And then closed it down.




Poland is a country where women earn 18.5% less than men, we do not have effective system solutions preventing discrimination, kids at school do not get equality education, and everyday sexism in public is still socially acceptable. We are a conservative society which objectifies and marginalizes women. Even for the westernized liberal Polish middle class, gender inequality is an abstract problem.

Gazeta.pl, is a liberal news portal. It is brand which builds its credibility by social engagement - it is a portal which starts mass discussions about significant social topics. The role of engaged liberal media in a time of a far-right, anti-women government should be bold and brave.

We felt we had to start a serious mass discussion about sexism and gender inequalities. Mastercard and BNP Paribas were ideal partners as they have a long-term commitment of empowering women.


For 27 years, “Your Weekend” – one of Poland longest running and most read adult magazines, reduced women to sex objects.

In December 2018, when it was up for sale, we bought it immediately and used it to challenge the culture of sexism and gender inequality it had contributed to building. We transformed Your Weekend in a conversation-sparking, ground-breaking magazine promoting diverse and progressive narratives of femininity.

We teamed up Gazeta.pl, our client and leading Polish news portal, with Mastercard and BNP Paribas: two brands with a long-term commitment to empower women, to create this last issue.

We published it on International Women’s Day. We kept the regular sections and columns but reimagined the content around sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights, sexism and more. It was the symbolic end of an era and a spectacular beginning for a much-needed national conversation.

The people we wanted to engage were not rejecting the topic, but thought that it was an issue which didn’t affect them. We didn’t want to judge anyone or to instruct. Our aim was to show the perspective of women, and by that to make people realise that we all live in a society which is not equal.

Our primary target audience were middle-class men who were brought up on the magazine’s biased portrayal of women. This target group and our willingness to ignite nationwide conversation about the problem made media planning focus on digital and social media. 

The campaign consisted of two essential parts:

A teaser campaign a week before the launch created excitement about the magazine’s last issue. Nationwide offline and online sales were launched on International Women’s Day. Gazeta.pl sold “The Last Ever Issue” through their publisher distribution networks such as Empik (a chain of 200+ bookstores), Relay/Inmedio/1 Minute (chain of 1000+ newsagents / convenience stores), publio.pl and kulturalnysklep.pl (online platforms owned by the publisher).

Sales were supported by an integrated campaign including OOH, cinemas, radio, social media and PR. 100+ copies of the magazine were sent out to journalists and influencers which ignited a fierce social media debate. Both Mastercard and BNP Paribas amplified the campaign in their social media channels. A content section was created at gazeta.pl. It publishes content related to sexism, equality and gender portrayal. This content is redistributed through the media channels of what used to be an objectifying adult magazine.


Our most impressive result is... 0. That’s the exact amount of impressions of Your Weekend's objectifying content since 08/04/2019.

The campaign organically reached 4.5M people and generated 25M media impressions (Poland’s adult population is c.a. 28M) according to media monitoring services.

“The Last Ever Issue” content generated 500k+ visits to gazeta.pl.

The campaign was mentioned by Poland’s most influential TV shows such as “Pytanie na Śniadanie” and “Szkło Kontaktowe”. It was even featured as the main story on gazeta.pl’s biggest competitor’s news site - onet.pl.

The online edition of the magazine was the best selling e-magazine in Poland of March 2019 

Projected offline sales make it the best selling issue of Your Weekend in 10 years.

But most of all we transformed a vehicle for objectifying women into a platform for education gender equality.