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Jetstar excellence in data-driven targeting

In an effort to reduce hassle, stave off competition and become a truly consumer-centric business, Jetstar partnered with us to future-proof their low cost carrier model. Our data-driven approach saw media effectiveness take off by 46% and incremental revenue soar X 10.



Jetstar, the fastest growing budget airline in APAC, came to us during testing times. The growth of carriers in Asia Pacific made reaching customers more difficult, and travellers were purchasing tickets - before arriving at the airport wanting to add baggage, food and seats. In an effort to reduce hassle, stave off competition and become a truly consumer-centric business, Jetstar partnered with us to future-proof their low cost carrier model. We needed to create a holistic view of our customers using data and technology in order to be more relevant in our communications. Such aggregated and meaningful insights reduce customer frustration, attract new flyers, and ultimately drive value for the business. We aimed to benchmark that from a media perspective by reducing our acquisition cost, improving media effectiveness, and measuring revenue gains.


We recognized that Jetstar doesn't have a single customer profile - they come from all places, generations, cultures and lifestyles. But, for a low-cost carrier model to thrive, it needs to find the most valuable and profitable passengers, at a lower cost than the competition. The first step was to connect Jetstar’s datasets into one centralized source with the implementation of Oracle's Data Management Platform - BlueKai. This allowed us to start pushing people-based audience segments directly into our DSPs of choice - powering campaigns with first-party data; reducing media wastage through precision targeting, and scaling audiences through lookalike modelling. While having Jetstar’s first party data unified was critical, we could now further that data by enriching it to drive increased effectiveness. Our proprietary DMP technology complements Jetstar’s first party data with exclusive datasets to provide the single most complete view of Jetstar’s current and potential customers.


By creating a data rich overview of our consumers at scale, we were able to be truly meaningful in our communications. Furthermore, we were able to generate lookalike audiences of our most valuable customers to bring new flyers into the Jetstar family.

Using a data driven approach means that customers saw helpful and relevant media messages from Jetstar, and we were able to prospect potential flyers with data driven messages to resonate more effectively.
All of this resulted in an 18% reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost, a 46% improvement in Media Effectiveness, and perhaps most importantly - incremental revenue gains X 10.

incremental revenue gained