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Doctor for a Day: Speed Saves Lives at Parkway Hospitals

An increasing number of Singaporeans were getting ill and self-medicating rather than seeking medical treatment due to a misconception that private hospitals were expensive and waiting times long. We needed to raise awareness of the A&E facilities of Parkway Hospitals by changing people's minds on the matter, all whilst keeping in line with strict regulations on communications. Through educating and inspiring children by enabling them to be a Doctor for a Day, we spoke to their parents, and a 370% increase in A&E web page views indicated that they were taking note of our message that 'Speed Saves Lives'.



A significant number of Singaporeans lead hectic and sedentary lifestyles, with exposure to unhealthy food at an early stage of their lives. This puts them at risk of serious health issues as they grow older. When it comes to the treatment of such issues, there exists a misconception that private hospitals such as those in the Parkway Group are expensive and the waiting times long. So many people self-medicate to save time and money, which has tragically led to a series of fatalities. The British Medical Journal reports that the risk of death from a medical emergency increases incrementally with each additional hour of waiting time before seeking treatment. We needed to find a way to raise awareness of Parkway and the 24-hour walk-in clinics at its hospitals as a solution for saving lives. However, bounded by Private Hospital Medical Clinic (PHMC) regulations, there were a limited number of communication channels that we could use.


Our insight into the problem was that while a person may take a risk on their own health, they would be much less likely to behave this way on behalf of a loved one, particularly if it's a child. So we decided to inspire and educate children on the simple fact that 'Speed Saves Lives'. These children would then passionately speak to their parents on our behalf, and this was in compliance with the PHMC regulations. We achieved this by creating a series of immersive and money-can't-buy experiences for children, where they could come to Mount Elizabeth Hospital and become a 'Doctor For a Day'. Through these events, children aged between 6 and 12 registered to role-play doctors in various medical specialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopaedic medicine and many others) and saw first-hand that timely medical attention at a private hospital can save a life. We collaborated with online content publishers and ad networks that are popular with families with kids to launch the campaign, driving event awareness and registration. Local influencers, Kate & Andie were engaged to host a Facebook Live session to share their personal experience at A&E. Tickets were awarded to parents who expressed interest during Facebook Live session.


Within four months of launch, there were 1,198 registrations for the events (and 100% turnout). More than 3 million impressions on social/digital content articles. A 370% hike in A&E web page views and nearly 6,000 comments requesting for more. Most importantly, there was a new, widespread notion of that fact that 'Speed Saves Lives'.

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