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The fragrance development process disrupted by artificial intelligence

The fragrance development process disrupted by artificial intelligence

Actual revolution in the fragrance industry.

Historically, perfume conception consists in a mix of art and science. Perfumers were asked to make use of chemistry and creativity in an elegant manner with almost no budget and time constraint. However the last significant development in the scent industry was the invention of synthetic molecules in the late 19th century: nowadays innovation is becoming crucial to deal with new challenges. Perfumers need to reinvent themselves.

Customers are more and more looking for surprising, personalized and natural fragrances, making it essential to understand them. For instance perfumers describe fragrances as floral, woodsy or citrusy whereas people would say “sexy”, “clean” or “fresh”.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in product development could modernize how perfumers work, make the process more efficient and boost creativity. The ability to recall market research, customer data and millions of alternative formulas will ease creation process helping perfumers to explore new possibilities. Few companies like Firmenich or Scentbird,  have tested AI at different levels: chemistry research, greener molecules integration, raw materials optimization, decision-making accompaniment, reviews analyzing. In other words, “ This is much more about exploring new frontiers and possibilities than cost and time. If we can do that, sure, shareholders will be happy. But it’s more about pushing the frontiers of innovation.”- Givaudan Becker.